Micro businesses, employing between 2 and 9 people, are the most numerous types of business in the UK.


In 2016 there were 5.3 million UK micro businesses, representing 96% of all private businesses, 32% of all UK employment, and 19% of the UK’s private turnover.We happen to think this is great, and we salute you.


Of course, running a small business like yours means that several people will wear several hats. Time and budget are resources that are not plentiful, and our toolkit is aimed at covering all the basics you will need to bring your business in line with the obligations the new legislation places on you.


In it you will find the essential documentation needed to assess, map and risk assess the personal data within your business, and your supply chain of sales and marketing prospects, customers, suppliers and employees.


We are here if you need additional support – just book an appointment [link to the calendar section on Contact us page]. And, when your business grows, we have the additional tools and template documents for you in our other toolkit packages.


Price excludes VAT