4 HR Trends you'll see in 2018

Holiday approvals, staff rotas, appraisals, bonuses, policies... We know managing the people admin side of a small business is time consuming!

There are many small businesses that don’t have a dedicated HR Manager. However, as their team grows, they realise about the importance to streamline workflows in an efficient and cost-effective way, including of course, People Management.

Having the right HR software, can help by automating admin tasks, record-keeping and the tools to find and retain the best talent.

Interestingly, according to Forbes, the growing use of technology in Human Resources in 2017 has been an interesting turning point which has helped to improve the management in workplaces.

"The increasing adoption of human resources (HR) software has helped streamline the data analytics process and expedite “social connections” by providing management with the speed to act on these real-time and actionable insights.
With this as a strong foundation for progress, 2018 promises to have some radical changes to the HR landscape."


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